How to be a Hackademic #3 by Charlotte Frost & Jesse Stommel
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Hybrid Pedagogy’s Jesse Stommel and our very own Charlotte Frost rethink academic life and writing productivity in this on-going series of hints, tips and hacks.

 GET A HOBBY. It might seem strange for us to suggest that you should take on more projects that might be potentially distracting to your primary professional focus; however, side-projects are necessary as an outlet for preoccupations that gobble up precious mental resources. For example, if you find yourself incessantly thinking about your garden every time you sit down to write, then go work on your garden for an hour and you’ll probably be more productive when you get back to your computer. Or find a hobby that clears your mind and refreshes you in between writing sessions. Sometimes making something and seeing it progress steadily can compensate for the frustrations of editing where it can feel like you¹re taking as many steps back as forwards.

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  1. postdocintraining

    fantastic advice. to my mothers delight, I took up crochet. After 4 years of crochet, I’m learning to knit this winter.

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