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How to be a Hackademic #10 by Charlotte Frost & Jesse Stommel
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Hybrid Pedagogy’s Jesse Stommel and our very own Charlotte Frost rethink academic life and writing productivity in this on-going series of hints, tips and hacks.

DON’T OVER-PREPARE. Do not self-sabotage by putting so much time into preparing for something that A) you lose confidence in your abilities, constantly second-guessing the choices you’ve made or B) you run out of time for all the other things you need to get done. Spreadsheets and Gantt charts can be useful ways of reminding yourself you have multiple commitments and need to allocate the right portion of time to each. And besides, if you’re clever (which we’re guessing you are), even if you feel under-prepared you’re really, really not!


What else does it take to be a Hackademic? Click here to find out!

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