We are super excited (and only a little nervous) to announce:


which, by the way, is also:


See, we solve all your productivity issues in one go!

The PhDometer 3.0 (pronounced F’dometer) has had a major tune up. It still has all your favourite features, but now you can name the various projects you are working on, pause one and work on another, and monitor your progress in different writing activities from note taking and writing to editing.

You can use The PhDometer 3.0 any time, but during November, when you click to share your results they’ll be added to the public leader board (think accountability spread sheet, but snazzier!). And of course you can still announce every achievement on Twitter but now we’ve also added Facebook too!

It’s pretty easy to find your way around The PhDometer 3.0, but to give you a bit of extra help, there’s a visual guide to the new features below. And the precious links you’ll be needing are right here and hey guess what?! It’s free!!!!

System Requirements
Mac Os X 10.7.4 ( Lion ) and later or Windows XP and later

Mac OS Link

Mac OS Installation
– Download the dmg and double click.
– Drag the app into your applications folder.
– Try to run it.
– Your Mac will probably refuse to run it ( because it has been downloaded ).
– If it just says “Are you sure?”, then say “Yes”.
– Otherwise, you will have to go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy
– In the General Tab, check Allow Apps Downloaded From  Appstore and identified developers
– Copy the contents to your Applications or Utilities folder
– You may have the option of allowing PhDometer to run.
– Whilst you are in Security & Privacy go to the Privacy Tab, click on Accessibility and Add PhDometer to the list.

Windows Link

Windows Installation
– Download the msi and double click.
– Click ‘Run anyway’.
– Find the app in the ‘Start Menu’.

  1. Create your PhDometer 3.0 account*.RegisterCreate an Account
  2. Go to ‘Activity’ and enter the name of your academic writing project.Project Name
  3. Select the writing activity type.Writing Type
  4. Go to ‘Settings’ and set any word count goals for your writing session.Word Count Goals
  5. Click the arrow and get writing!Click to Start
  6. You can press pause at any time or switch writing projects or activity typesPauseNew Activity
  7. You can check the number of words you have typed and words per minute anytime you want.Number of WordsWords/Minute
  8. You can view all your projects under ‘my activities’.My Activities
  9. To use the PhDometer 3.0 for AcWriMo you will need share your activity/activities when prompted. Then you will find your updates on the public ‘leader board‘*.ShareLeaderboard

*Please note that we require you to set up an account to use the PhDometer 3.0 but no personal details will be shared. The ‘leader board‘ will simply feature your username and progress.

This is a free app and does not come with technical support services. Please follow the set up instructions carefully. If you still have an issue please try to uninstall and reinstall, check your computer settings, and also search for advice on the internet. One of the issues we have heard with Windows users can be solved by following the instructions on this Microsoft help page.

We are not set up for refunds if you purchase the OLD version of the PhDometer by accident. But we will be extremely grateful for the donation which supports everything we give away for free – like the NEW PhDometer.