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Weekly Wisdom #26

Weekly Wisdom #26

Be receptive to comments and advice!

Video Blog: P2P Episode 6

This is the one where I tell you some exciting news (so exciting my hair went curly)!

Weekly Wisdom #25

Weekly Wisdom #25

Line up a well-known and relevant academic to write a foreword for your book!

Weekly Wisdom #24

Weekly Wisdom #24

Squeeze in an extra hour of writing at the start or end of your day!

Weekly Wisdom #23

Weekly Wisdom #23

Don’t forget your covering letter, it needs to be just as good (if not better) than the book itself!

Academic Editor Guest Post: Anthony Levings Part IV

There are two questions I am frequently asked, and these concern: (1) whether or not Gylphi publishes texts concerned with periods of time outside the twentieth and twenty-first centuries; and, (2) if Gylphi publishes fiction.

The answer to these two questions is succinctly provided by Seeing Galileo; which is the most recent publication due to be released by Gylphi in a couple of weeks.

It is as the name suggests about Galileo, it is also about Milton and a possible meeting between the two men. Placing the subject matter in the seventeenth century, but at the same time because of the way in which the text has been written – as a mix of biography, criticism, photography and poetry – it draws the past into the present. Read more

Weekly Wisdom #22

Weekly Wisdom #22

Ensure you have a comfortable place to work, don’t underestimate the value of a supportive chair or spacious desk!