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Is Your Thesis a Book: Part I
Posted by Charlotte Frost

K, the second post for this new blog (on how to get a book published, and advance your career and understanding of academic publishing after completing your PhD) comes in two parts and is about considering the publishing potential of your thesis.

So, you’re still on board? You still think that publishing a book is your (academic) destiny? Well, now you need to decide what your book is going to be about. This may sound like a very simple task, no doubt you’ve spent X amount of years fashioning your cosy niche and now you’re ready to tell everybody about it; not to mention have them remark (in their droves) upon what a clever, cosy little niche it is. But its actually not that simple. Continue Reading »

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‘Reading and Time': More PhD Phunnies!
Posted by Charlotte Frost

Sorry about the swearing, but this video cracks me up, its way too close to home!

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Video Blog: P2P Episode 1
Posted by Charlotte Frost

OK (cringe, cringe), here is the first episode in my video blog/diary of my own journey to getting my first academic book published. It’s the one where Reaktion break my heart…

And don’t forget that did a video on the rationale for this site as well.

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Publisher Tips: Intellect
Posted by Charlotte Frost

In the first of what will be a regular series of tips from academic publishers, Intellect give us their top five pieces of advice on getting published.

Intellect is an independent academic publisher in the fields of creative practice and popular culture, publishing scholarly books and journals that exemplify our mission as publishers of original thinking.

As a first step towards considering a new book project, we ask all authors to complete our author questionnaire (if a single authored monograph) or editor questionnaire (if an edited collection). Both can be found on our website under the Publish With Us section.

Intellect is also not keen on previously published material, textbooks, readers, companions and overviews that are aimed at the general reader. Make sure you aim your work at the academic market.

1. We am to provide a vital space for widening critical debate in new and emerging subjects, so think original and multidisciplinary and present scholarly work at the cross section of arts, media and creative practice.

Continue Reading »

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