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Simpsons Does PhD Students
Posted by Charlotte Frost

Looks like Piled Higher and Deeper isn’t the only cartoon able to poke fun at the academic (lack of) life!

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Post PhD = More of the Same!
Posted by Charlotte Frost

he first thing I realised as 2010 arrived was that nothing was going to change. I’d completed my PhD in 2009 and somewhere in my mind I’d hatched the idea that in 2010 great things were to be thrust upon me. For example, I had a full-blown fantasy about being in full-time employment.

I thought an age was about to dawn where I’d be able to afford to live and I’d have this free-time stuff I’d heard people talk about which they seemed to use to eat in nice restaurants and go on something known as a ‘holiday’. I had deluded myself that these riches would soon be mine and that the glittery world of a Dr was what now awaited me.

What I had forgotten was that way back in 2001, when I’d got my first real taste for academia, I’d actually signed up for a life without these things.

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Author Tips: Catherine Mason
Posted by Charlotte Frost

In the first of what will be a regular series of tips from published authors, Catherine Mason provides her top five pieces of advice on getting published.

Mason’s first book was: A Computer In The Art Room: The Origins of British Computer Arts 1950-1980, and she was also one of the editors of: White Heat Cold Logic: British Computer Art 1960-1980.

1. Do your research. Locate the main players in your field who already publish similar books, and approach them first. Find out their preferred proposal formats (the publisher’s website will tell you this information often in great detail – follow it).

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Video Blog: P2P the Rationale
Posted by Charlotte Frost

To kick off, here is the video blog post I made a couple of months ago setting out the rationale behind setting up PhD2Published (as well as video blogging my own journey to get published).

In these regular video blogs, I’m going to chronicle the highs and lows of getting a book published for the first time – including writing chapters, pitching to publishers – all while trying to earn a living teaching. I hope that by doing this other people at a similar stage of their careers can avoid repeating any of my mistakes, and perhaps feel less alone in the quest for academic superstardom!

I promise as time goes on, I’ll get better at video blogging….But hey, it’s a start, right?!

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